I started to worry when John, his friend told me, "Look my buddy Chuck, he's got a special way with women if you know what I mean?He probably took her to the men's room, sat her in a stall and showed her why she would never refuse him." I replied, "He has a weapon? You see he is so hung, his mares are scared of him.It started a year ago, one of my best friends in the whole world, Teresa called me up, devastated, when she found out her husband has been having an affair the past two years with some woman named Alisha, a younger woman who had not only great business skills, but the desire to please anyone who might help her advancement.

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With this in mind, I told my friend to meet me at a bar near downtown Dallas where we could talk.

She walked in, called my name, 'Gwen," as she came over to my table.

I went to my bed, but had trouble sleeping just thinking about what assholes men could be.

A few hours later, I heard Teresa get up and use the guest bathroom.

Activity in the bar picked up as some men started coming over and offering us drinks and dances.

I didn't think we were ready yet until Gwen accepted a dance from a very tall, handsome cowboy that wouldn't take no for an answer.

He motioned to his friend to buy us 2 more rounds before they came back to the table.

He said, "Okay, your sexy little friend is going to be coming back here with our drinks, so you have nothing to worry about little mama." Teresa and the cowboy went around the other side of the bar, near the restrooms and disappeared.

She could barely walk back to the table and it wasn't because of the alcohol. Her head was spinning as she sat back down next to me. I still have a lot of fun left for you, sugar." I snapped back, "You guys are all assholes.