We were talking and he told me is Separated with 2 kids, one is 2 yrs old and the other is 6yrs old, that didn't bother me as he told me they were separated.3 weeks after starting to date this man, i eventually found out that he in fact broke up with his wife and left her and his kids for me and moved out of the family home.I know it will be hard but if u want to be blessed w a good husband seeing someone else's husband is not going to help.

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This man has to want to leave his marriage on his own free will not because he's separated he hasnt even decided whether to proceed forward with the divorce.

You are creating a problem for yourself by continuing to deal with him...him loose and he can return once he's legally divorced(must show papers proving he's divorced) and he has to establish boundaries meaning the only contact he's got with his wife is only to discuss the children anything else is irrelevant.

I was not aware of this as he told me they were separated before we even met.

I fell in love with him and he was deeply in love with me too.

6 months down the track, he decides to visit his kids and then he started to feel guilty for leaving his kids as apparently his 6yr old daughter is struggling without him.

He is now staying back at the old house with his wife and kids, but he says its because his kids need him and overtime he leaves his daughter feels upset.But this is a temporary facade, as without integrity, these feelings simply can't grow into anything real or long lasting.This scenario will lead to a fall, but with it, you'll have some good life lessons.When a man uses the word Separated or Marriage then that should be signal to leave him alone, always remember that.Okay If I were you, I would cut all communications with him.Who is going to argue when there are children involved.