Has Real Housewives been a good experience in your life? I already had my place in life, I already had my place in society, and I already had my charities. I married a blue blood and I come from a very wonderful family and have a wonderful daughter, but I've had a really difficult divorce with no settlement and then I had a movie deal [with my production company] go badly so I thought doing the show would be great for my career. Was it hard coming into a group of women that had already been working together? I think they were relieved it was me and not some pot-stirrer.

PAPERMAG recently sat down with Morgan to talk about the new season of Housewives, getting plastic surgery, dating Billy Idol and her recent DUI arrest. As long as at the end of the week I have taken care of my daughter, my family and my friends everybody can judge me. You've become pretty popular among the gay community, too. I think part of the definition of 'gay icon' is 'fashion icon.' I finally Googled gay icon....

You've really become a bigger presence on the show this season.

What came up on Google was glamour, drama, being a survivor and the fourth thing was sexual androgyny or sexual ambiguity, so according to the definition you're not a gay icon if you don't have that fourth thing: sexual ambiguity. Look at the Countess this season, its night and day! I fell when I was roller-skating in Venice smoking a cigarette and I got a huge scar, so I have a doctor working on the scar now. Botox lasts me a long time, for most people it lasts three to six months. If you over-Botox I guess your forehead gets really overbearing, I already have a huge forehead. How long do you see yourself doing Real Housewives? I'm hoping that just by being myself the fans will accept me.

If you're not having sex you're not going to stay young. I had a cyst that kept growing under my chin, a big huge bump. I did it out of insecurity and I don't know if I want to do it permanently.

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But this is my first full season and I think it's open season -- everyone gets their turn at the tumble. It was scary because he was dating Perry Lister, she had red hair and was like six feet tall.

Does that mean there's excitement to come this season? People tune in to see drama and you can leave it to my co-stars to stir the pot. It seemed like a rough time because you filed for bankruptcy not long after that happened.

“She’s only been with him for four weeks,” Ramona Singer told Sonja Morgan during a private dance class. She had no relationship with Tom other than [sex].” “Anything that happened before Lu, I don’t give a flying leap,” she declared to the table. I don’t care.” Ironically, it was rival Radziwill who offered de Lesseps support during the confrontation, congratulating the New York housewife for her happiness.