Domestically, HBL grew its CASA deposits by Rs 30 billion during the quarter and the CASA ratio improved to 87.1%.

Average domestic current accounts increased by 16% compared to Q1 2016, enabling the Bank to further reduce its cost of deposits.

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The consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as at March 2017 was 15.5%, with the Tier 1 CAR at 12.1%, both well above regulatory requirements. Tian Guoli, Chairman Bank of China at HBL Plaza, Karachi. Sultan Ali Allana hosted a lunch for the Chairman Bank of China Mr. Chairman BOC is visiting Pakistan to discuss and explore the possibilities of setting up a branch of BOC in Karachi. Tian on the banking potential in Pakistan and discussed ways on how the two banks can cooperate in various areas including technology, CPEC, business in Pakistan and China, collaboration in international markets and people training and development. Allana and discussed specific proposals on the areas of cooperation and the method of cooperation.

The Bank’s local credit ratings remain in the highest possible AAA/A-1 categories for long term and short term respectively. He was confident that the two banks will be able to benefit from their respective expertise and will cooperate closely in future.

With the improved economic climate, lending growth has accelerated with loans growing by over 17%, driven by increases in Corporate lending, but with strong support from the SME and Consumer segments.

The Bank was thus able to grow net interest income by 5% to Rs 82.0 billion for 2016.

Current accounts increased by more than 16%, reaching nearly Rs 700 billion with the current account mix improving to 37% of total deposits.

In 2016, HBL grew its average domestic current accounts by 19% over 2015, enabling the Bank to reduce its cost of deposits.

During this time the following services will be unavailable:​HBL today declared a consolidated profit after tax of Rs 9.1 billion for the first quarter of 2017, with earnings per share of Rs 6.16.

Along with the results, the Bank declared a dividend of Rs 3.5 per share (35%).

Fees and Commissions rose by 8% to Rs 18.7 billion with new records being set in Bancassurance, investment banking and consumer finance.