The DHTF evaluates drugs for risks relevant to blood donation and will determine if a drug will be added to the Medication Deferral List (MDL).The updated MDL will differ from that officially recognized by the FDA and posted on the FDA webpage. Table of contents of the user guide About this Guide section highlights how the document is organized, who should use it, and typographical conventions used in the guide Instructions on updating the Table of Contents and adding notes All templates are in Microsoft Word format (.doc) and can be download online for only .99. What this means is that not all of the file have downloaded and therefore the system thinks its contents are corrupt.

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There are five documents in each set, whether the Full-Length (DHQ) or Abbreviated (a DHQ) version: The version 2.0 Blood Donor History Questionnaires and Accompanying Materials were officially recognized by the FDA in Guidance, May 27, 2016.

FDA and AABB consider v2.0 to be the current version of the AABB DHQ/a DHQ materials that replaced v1.3 DHQ and materials.

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Licensed blood establishments planning to implement a new version of the DHQ materials that has not been officially recognized by the FDA must submit a formal request to the FDA for approval.

The facility should call its Consumer Safety Officer for the proper reporting category.

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