Here are some annoying issues I have come across on using this phone so far.

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Users of the somewhat less popular E90 will be pleased to hear that they will also benefit from the upgrade, although Nokia has not announced Flash Lite integration with any other handsets at this time.

Tempted to give the update a try, or are you still chatting away on something a bit more simple?

This same issue exists with my Dell XPS M1210 laptop. Java games do not follow the volume of the ring tone so even if you have set it to Silent mode with Warning tones On, the game can blast at max volume.

Perhaps Nokia wanted to provide a one-off switch to turn off java sounds.

Fans of the Nokia N95 smartphone – described by Nokia as “the definition of optimal performance” – and You Tube addicts will be pleased to hear that you can now take everyone's favourite video sharing site wherever you go.

The latest update to the Symbian software for the 'phone released by Nokia earlier this week improves the Series 60 browser built-in to the unit by adding Adobe Flash Lite 3 integration. MIDI files have to be converted to one of the three formats, taking up to 200x the space! In no particular order, Refreshing the playlist in the music player only adds MP3/AAC/WMA files.UPDATE: The beta version of Rotate Me (available only to donors) allows opposite rotation, but the keys do not work properly in some applications.I am not sure why the clock has to be so small when the phone has so much screen estate.If only Nokia provided screen levels darker than the current minimum, it can save more battery power.