With Postable, you can have contacts edit their own information by sharing a link with them, and then export all of the collected information right to your own address book.

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One of my friends is in my contacts list five times, with separate entries for his email address, his old email address, his Facebook profile and two phone numbers.

You can merge cloned pals like this by manually opening each contact card, but if you have several to merge — and like mice, if you've got one, you've probably got a dozen — this process will be painstaking.

You then review the list and hit Merge to zap the doubles.

Android: Newer phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC U11, contain features within the Phone app for removing duplicates and merging linked contacts.

This is the result of years of syncing various email accounts and social media profiles.

Blank contacts can be created when Android phones use Google Voice to message or call contacts.

Managing a large address book can be tedious, but it doesn't have to be.

Usually when you send out requests for contact information you'll have to scour the e-mail you get back for all the pieces of info you're currently missing.

You can click the copy button next to the link, and it will copy something like this to your clipboard: After a contact edits their information, they will be given the option to sign up for Postable.