For the fans that love colorful aesthetics, an enigmatic plot, and a slow boiling show, Punch Line might be up their alley.

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Throw in superheroes, robots, and plenty of action, and we have a show that is really rolling the punches.

Though Punch Line features more fanservice than Concrete Revolutio, it shares the latter’s overly saturated color palettes and wild narratives.

Psycho-passes indicate whether or not a person has a high likelihood of committing a crime and the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division enforces order with the help of people who are on the brink of being categorized as criminals themselves.

On the surface, Psycho-Pass and Concrete Revolutio may not seem that they have much in common.

Through a variety of incidences, a mysterious figure steals Yuuta’s body, reducing him to a sprit.

While trying to regain his body, Yuuta soon finds himself shouldering the responsibility of saving the world.

In Kekkai Sensen, the young Leonardo Watch, blessed (or perhaps cursed) with the “All Seeing Eyes of God,” joins Libra, a quasi-order enforcement organization for the “Beyond.” As a part of Libra, Leonardo soon finds himself in pinches well beyond his imagination.

Though stylistically different from Concrete Revolutio, Kekkai Sensen, with its stunning animation and cinematography, is just right for those who want a visual treat.

While this might not be the first anime that comes to mind when thinking about Concrete Revolutio, Samurai Flamenco arguable resembles it due to its focus on monsters, heroes, and the concern for the meaning of justice.

Much like how Jiro Hitoyoshi fights with the Superhuman Bureau to keep monsters in check, Samurai Flamenco’s Hazama Masayoshi fights for justice in his battles against monsters that threaten humanity.

However, when you consider the dystopian and political overtones of both shows, they begin to seem more like one another.