A bit of an aside, what happened to the Spro Dawg 100?

There’s a complicated scandal embroiling the man who is presently the governor of Missouri.

I like the little version of this lure because it walks very easy and casts far. From: Comments: Won a club event last fall on the Ghost Minnow after owning it ony a couple weeks...

Strike King Lures is proud to introduce the KVD Sexy Dawg.

BASS Elite Series Angler, Kevin Van Dam, designed the KVD Sexy Dawg to be an easy to walk, far casting, and premium “walk the dog” topwater lure.

A few years ago, before he was elected to the current post, but while he was a married man, he is said (according to this article, and based on a tape recording quoted therein) to have seduced his married hairdresser by inviting her to his basement “to show you how to do a proper pull-up.” There he taped her to “some rings” and blindfolded her (apparently with her consent, although it’s not as clear as would be ideal) and caused her to believe he had photographed her (without her consent) and would spread the pictures “everywhere” if she ever mentioned his name.

The woman’s marriage did not survive this event; the man’s, so far, has, although his governorship is now twisting in the political winds, mostly (since the woman has never complained about his behavior) over the recording memorializing what sounds an awful lot like a blackmail threat.

I dragged it through mesquite trees, water hyacinths, and lots of lure-eating cover. cheaper ones to higher end topwater "walkers," but this SK KVD Sexy Dawg impressed me majorly.

So easy to walk and has an awesome swooshing action. The action reminds me of the older Heddon Zara spooks, yet it's easier to walk.

Available in several proven colors, take The Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg for a walk and hold on for some explosive strikes!

Comments: This is only my 3rd time to ever write any review, but I was so disappointed in this new bait.

I recommend this bait when teaching people or when they want to learn themselves. I've been banging the Sexy Ghost Minnow off some rocks and trees, and its held up well. From: Comments: I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach and was fishing a lake that I did not know had big bass.