He’d just hire someone to do the work, so when spring arrived and we needed work done around the yard and house I suggest we see if David wanted to do it.My husband thought it was a good idea since he figured he wouldn’t cost much.I started fantasizing about him all the time and made excuses to see him and whenever we talked my pussy got wet.

I keep my pussy shaved bald because I like it smooth and I think most guys appreciate a bald pussy when they go down on a woman, not that my husband goes down on me often!

My tits are a large b-cup, but they look more like a c-cup on my thin frame and they are very perky and firm with big puffy nipples that get erect if the wind blows, I’m that horny! I have been hit on numerous times at the gym by dozens of men and I’ll admit I do flirt with lots of them which is why I often masturbate when I get home, but I’ve always been good.

That excited me and I guess I went a little too far flirting with him because after about ten minutes of flirting with him he asked, “So have you ever actually meet anyone from the swing site or do you just like watching guys masturbate on their cam?

”I was speechless and felt my face get warm as it turned red.

” I added, “I’ve never cheated, but I am desperate for good sex…any sex, but I don’t want anyone knowing.” He replied, “No I haven’t told anyone and never will.” He added, “You know I’ve always thought you were hot and had a crush on you since I was a freshman in high school. He laid me down on the bed and knelt down between my legs and began licking my bald pussy.

It felt so good and he even let his tongue wander to my asshole, which my moans told him I enjoyed so he made it a point to keep returning to my asshole each time spending longer and longer.One day I was dressed in a very tight gym outfit right before I was ready to go to the gym.I saw him staring at my tits as my nipples were clearly visible pushing against my white tight top.Even though I had no face pictures on my profile I was still very nervous because I was afraid he’d recognize my body.I had naked pictures of my body on my profile and even though he hasn’t seen me naked he has seen me in a bikini, so I thought he might recognize my body, but he never seemed to know it was me.He’s 6’2’’ tall, about 190lbs, dark hair, muscular body and very hot.