However, finding a call girl in ‘The Peg’ isn’t hard as long as you know where to look and how to ‘speak the language’.

Most independent escorts tend to use the directories or classifieds to advertise their services.

This is mainly due to the changes in the law effecting a clampdown on explicit advertising.

You can catch nude dancers at the Solid Gold Club, Teasers Burlesque Palace and the Lipstixx Exotic Sports Bar.

Since the introduction of Bill C-36 in 2014, the grey area of prostitution in Canada got a lot harder to navigate.

Introduced as a way to eradicate prostitution, the legislation criminalises the buying of sexual services and can result in maximum penalties of up to five years in jail; though cash fines are typical for a first offence.

In keeping with a lot of countries attitudes towards this kind of legislation, the focus is on those profiting from the trade in sex work.

As such, the key is in the fact that it is illegal to buy sex but not to sell it.

It is also legal to advertise your own services but not to advertise the sale of others.

In this comprehensive guide, we give you the best places to find call girls in Winnipeg to match any taste and budget.