Stefania Sandrelli voiced her own part in both languages, and though Frank Finlay could have done the same, he didn’t.The reason is surely that Italian audiences will not tolerate a foreign accent in a movie.

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Now, the better a work is, the more difficult it is to describe.

I’ve been thinking for years how to summarize this film, and I’m still in the dark.

In any case, even in the English-language scenes, Barbara Cupisti and Franco Branciaroli spoke Italian, probably because their English wasn’t sufficiently fluent.

They were dubbed into English, and in the case of poor Franco, not well dubbed.

In his wonderful book, The Parade’s Gone By..., Kevin Brownlow states: “The first place in which a film is seen is in the scenario writer’s imagination. The imagination short-circuits practical issues and reveals the film in all its glory, untarnished by effort and undiminished by compromise.

It will never look so good again” (opening of chapter 22).Vieni a provarlo nei nostri punti vendita o acquistalo sullo shop online: Pitti Immagine Uomo 2018 Firenze " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ Una nuova collezione che esalta il #dettaglio, la ricercatezza e lo #stile unico di Bottega del Sarto.Vieni nei nostri punti vendita o scegli l’abbinamento perfetto per te sullo shoponline S#stile#abinamenti#manfashion#madeinitaly Bottega del Sarto apre le feste natalizie ed inizia il nuovo anno sempre con i migliori propositi, lanciando uno spot del nuovo profumo “Tailored” su tutti i canali Mediaset, a partire dal 24 Dicembre.But I guess I can say that it is a parable about the virtue of jealousy — and about a loving marriage that never reaches full satisfaction until immediately before death. Frank Finlay and Stefania Sandrelli obviously enjoyed their rôles as hoteliers who don’t truly discover each other until after about twenty years of marriage, when, in his effort to break down his wife’s conventional modesty, Nino instigates Teresa’s sexual interest in their daughter’s fiancé.