How can I fix this cause the other program you said I should use is giving me a message the file I'm trying to load is not a MKV file and I know it is with DTS.

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You need to install/update LAV Filters - Direct Show Media Splitter and Decoders: NOTE: Subtitle Edit can also use VLC media player as built-in video player.

See Options - Video Player Strange since all codecs are installed with Shark007's 4.2.0 pack and it's supposed to work.

I've always used Shark007's codecs and I've used to manage changing some settings to get those files (mostly AVI and MKV) working earlier.

I have this recent version 4.18 and I can't get it working again...

I think he said he is working on a fix for it and to just leave the box unchecked until an update is released.

I can't see any videos in it while the audio is running in the background without any problems.

Bernix I've played 1080p HEVC with quite a high bit rate (c.

6M/sec I think) on a laptop with older Intel graphics than that.

If you have an ac3 file that's an hour long (as an example) and 448kbps, then... bytes / 1000 = MBs 448 * 60 * 60 / 8 / 1000 = 201.6 so you should have a (roughly) 200MB size file, which obviously includes all the channels.

I have done some more testing with 1.5, and dots appear instead of colons in the SRT files regardless of whether the merge function is used or not. M2TS not sufficient, if the script doesn't find the encode date it should fall back to the actual file info. MODD file and I will see what can be achieved time2innov8 It is very useful tool - it saves a lot time. But, it looks like the script is sorting by file type (MOV) first, then by datetime. The minumum level is 2.0 but any higher level will be backwards compatible.

Vidcoder just downloaded an update so I installed it. Here is a log of the fail # Starting queue ## Vid Coder (x86) # Starting job 1/1 # Path: J:\ # Title: 1 # Range: All # Worker ready: Service state is Opened on pipe Vid Coder Worker.4b141ab6-6828-4c92-a647-b554af51da5e # Connecting to process 6948 on pipe Vid Coder Worker.4b141ab6-6828-4c92-a647-b554af51da5e You could post an "issue" over at Until then use vidcoder 1.4.19 beta.