She plays well against the Mercury and if she starts dropping threes, Phoenix is in big trouble — even without Chamique Holdsclaw to contend with.Indiana and New York play at ET on NBA-TV and WNBA Live Access; San Antonio and Phoenix are at ET on ESPN2.The Connecticut Sun came in Sunday with guns a-blazing to teach New York a lesson, despite not having a seed to win, but Cappie Pondexter wasn’t about to be schooled.

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But we didn’t realize at the time that the celebration — the couple’s two-year anniversary and renewal of vows — would be a featured part of a Police Women episode.

As Officer Awkward said, the fact that she is a law enforcement officer but is prohibited by law from being her self (marrying Ashley) is ironic. At present, the City of Memphis has no anti-discrimination employment laws that extend to LGBT individuals.

I don’t know the whole story behind Phoenix trading her to New York, but Pondexter didn’t miss a beat.

She has turned in an MVP season and often seems to elude every defender on the court.

As an infrequent watcher of reality shows, I breezed by news in Morning Brew a few months ago about the new series Police Women of Memphis on TLC.

I didn’t register the fact that one of the officers, Virginia Awkward, is an out lesbian until Dara interviewed her a few days later.

So, Officer Awkward actually could be fired from the Memphis PD because she’s gay.

Perhaps Officer Awkward’s visibility on Police Women of Memphis will bring the unfairness of discrimination to the attention of TPTB in Memphis.

Plus, I love watching Anne Donovan and Lin Dunn coach — talk about a study in contrasts.