It includes many features, including auto extraction of MKV subtitles to SRT for playing in Myth TV’s internal player, TVRage data grabbing, many filename formats, and support for Movies.

Features and Download: Myth Media Monitor Website Myth Export is a script that can be added to Myth TV as a User Job and used to export recordings into a format playable on portable devices such as i Pod Video, i Pod Touch, and PSP.

These programs access the BBC's server to fetch indexes and download the video or sound files themselves.

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There is a mailing list for get_iplayer at lists.and a forum at uk The current active fork of get_iplayer is hosted at github.

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Instead of browsing what movies are on in the next 2 weeks, just pick all your movies at once, and eventually they'll show up. This allows users to watch a random sampling of new and popular trailers whenever movie viewing begins.

Look for and record the pilot episodes of hundreds of the top TV series of all time, in case you missed them, or want to try them out. Features and Download: Myth Get Trailers Website Myth Media Monitor is an advanced bash shell script designed to incorporate external media directly into the recordings screen of Mythfrontend.

Column explaination: User Manual: Plugins and Addons - The section in the usermanual about plugins and addons Plugin section - Information about how to use plugins Plug-in developers guide - Explains how to create your own plugin (or convert existing programs) Subscribe to and watch video podcasts.

Mythnettv allows you to set up subscriptions to your favorite podcasts, webtv, movie trailers, etc (anything on the web with an address can be used).

Feeds can be viewed in RSS-capable web browsers and feed aggregators, including i Tunes.

Pre-configured with single-pass, two-pass, progressive-download, and Apple HTTP Live Streaming transcoding profiles. This tool can be run interactively or from cron to import new videos and populate them with posters, fanart, and meta data where available. The tool has been using since was replaced in the mythvideo baseline.

It will look at the specified address(s) and find all the video content associated with the tile supplied in the subscription, it will then download all videos and add them to the mythtv recorded tv page on your frontend together with a description of the show and the date that the show was added to the web.