Tara Reid has remembered the late founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, in an exclusive statement to Daily Mail TV.Reid, 41, who appeared on a cover of Playboy in 2010, expressed gratitude to Hefner, just one day his passing at the age of 91.'I loved Hef very much,' she said in the statement. He lived a wonderful life and I'll be forever thankful for all he did for me.’Hefner died at the age of 91 on Wednesday.They are all pictured together in Beverly Hills in 2005 Wilkinson, pictured far left, said: 'He made me the person I am today.

Marquardt took to Twitter to express her grief over the sexual revolutionary's death, writing: 'So sad but forever grateful for all the wonderful memories and amazing experiences.'However, their third co-star Holly Madison has yet to say anything about his passing. News, Wilkinson said she thought that Hef looked 'very healthy,' and said 'He's 91-years-old! ' However, she also said that she worries every day about his health. 'The day that comes will be devastating to me and my family.' Immediately following his death Wednesday night Pamela Anderson gave a teary-eyed tribute to the legendary celebrity. Kendra, 32, who was one of the seven Girls Next Door and lived with Hefner, said the 91-year-old legend 'changed my life' and added that he will be in her heart 'forever,'Mc Carthy tweeted a picture of one of her Playboy covers and wrote: 'RIP #Hef Thank you for being a revolutionary and changing so many people's lives, especially mine.

'I'm not gonna lie every day I open up my social media I pray that I don't see what we think might happen. The former pin-up, 50, broke down in tears as she bid farewell to the media mogul in an emotional Instagram video, which she accompanied with a poignant poem. I hope I made you proud.' Jenny's emotional words echo her gratitude to Hefner for guiding her career.

The mum-of-two, who was often hailed as Hefner's 'favorite' Playmate, dubbed him a 'gentleman' who made the world a 'freer and sexier place'. She first posed for Playboy in 1993 and as subsequently named Playmate Of The Year after which she moved to Los Angeles and launched her career.

She was joined by Kim Kardashian who said she was 'honored' to have been part of the Playboy team, while Paris Hilton dubbed the publishing magnate a 'legend.'Pamela revealed Hugh was weak in his final months, suffering back pain, using a walking frame and battling complete deafness when she last saw him. That I was your favorite.' She continued: 'I'm in such deep shock. Last time I saw you you were using a walker.'You didn't want me to see. You had a piece of paper in your pocket you showed me - with my name Pamela with a heart around it.'The former Playmate went on to write: 'Everything anyone loves about me is because you understood me. Meanwhile, Kendra said simply: 'Hef changed my life.''I couldn't be more thankful for our friendship and our time together,' she said in a statement.

"The will stated that $3,000,000 would be bestowed to Holly Madison at the time of his death (provided I still lived in the Mansion). We had fun doing that."September 2017: Hefner dies at age 91Madison has yet to break her silence on his death.

At the time, it was more money than I'd ever know what to do with… Reid appeared on the January/February cover of Playboy in 2010.Tara said she felt she was at 'the best age' of her life at the time she had posed for the publication.It was through these jobs that she received her first invitation to the mansion, where she met Hefner for the first time.2002: Madison reveals she'd love to marry Hefner The model, who quickly became Hef's "No.1 Girl," made it clear from the beginning that her heart only belonged to Hefner.Madison also claims that Hefner was a "manipulator" and "pitted" many of the Bunnies against each other."If I just put my head under water and take a deep breath in, it would all be over," she wrote in her tell-all, recalling a suicidal moment she had in the bathtub. I put the folder back on the bed just as I had found it and never breathed a word of it."June 2015: Hefner denies Madison's allegations Following the release of the book, Hefner exclusively told ET that Madison "decided to rewrite history in an attempt to stay in the spotlight."But Madison quickly fired back, telling ET, "It wasn't about having an ax to grind or wanting to get a reaction from him, or, you know, inviting him back into my life in any way.”"I don't really care about his response," she continued. Wilkinson responded by claiming the entire memoir was a lie."Holly, you can tell, had this ulterior motive every minute being at the Mansion, and that motive was – it was clear as day – she wanted Hef's kids, she wanted a piece of at the time. I just don't think it's appropriate.""Of course I have fond memories of my time there, but, you know, you move on.. "I would say my best memory of the time at the Mansion was shooting the TV show.