It is only when the guy and girl feel the Lord may be calling them to marry that they enter a courting relationship.

At this point the two people are usually so emotionally attached that one or both will compromise standards they want in their future spouse in order to “save” the relationship.

And if this relationship ends one person is usually left devastated.

So to all of you still looking for your forever group, I feel you.

You may be wondering how going on “harmless” dates with others or entering a dating relationship sets you up for divorce and disappointment.

Illustrator and writer of cute animals, Beatrix Potter was schooled at home by a private governess.

When I pulled my oldest out of public school I had no idea what to expect.

Though it is difficult, the two will try to keep their emotions in check at this point and be as objective as possible.

If the two feel they are not right for each other, it should not be difficult for them to remain friends and since there is less of an emotional attachment it is less likely someone will be devastated should the relationship end.

No one except the one contact person who verified I was the lady she spoke with on the phone acknowledged us.