He surprisingly replied: “You've been this tall since you were 13!? He then said: “At 13, I was like 4’7.”“You still are,” she quipped.

Boyle was famously recast in the “Twin Peaks” prequel film “Fire Walk With Me” — in which the role of Donna was played by Moira Kelly, who is also not appearing in the revival, as far as we know.

Nobody’s said conclusively why Boyle didn’t appear in the film, or why Donna — who is one of the most important characters in the series — isn’t appearing in the new season. Multiple cast members, including Boyle herself, have cited reasons stemming from “scheduling conflicts” to interpersonal conflicts between Boyle, some of the other actors, and creator David Lynch.

I imagine because you're so tall, it's difficult.”Colleen said: “I'm not one that dates only tall guys, I date guys shorter than myself as well.”“Is that difficult when you date a shorter guy, does he have to stand on a box to give you a kiss?

” asked Fabian.“I put him on a curb every once in a while,” she said.

Fabian said: “Airplane seats are small for everybody, I can't imagine what they are like for you.”“I have to cramp up. Lindsay and Colleen are featured in the new reality show premiering next Tuesday on TLC.

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It’s possible that in the end, Donna just didn’t fit in.

Also, as Lynch has made clear in his previous films and in interviews, nothing is at it seems in “Twin Peaks.” Who knows what will happen to Donna? So, in that vein, we thought the best way to celebrate Showtime's 18-hour revival would be to rank a bunch of the show's characters -- but in a weird, confusing way instead of the normal "worst to best" way.

It’s possible Donna may not be appearing in the new series because there’s no need for her.