The murders According to police, on the night of October 16, 1931, Le Roi and Samuelson were murdered by Judd after an alleged fight among the three women over a conflict of interestreportedly, all three were interested in the same man, prominent Phoenix businessman John J. Halloran, 44, was a married local businessman and a friend of all three women.The prosecution at Judd's murder trial would suggest that quarrels over men and the relationship between Le Roi and Samuelson broke up the friendship of the three women, and that jealousy was the motive for the killings.No explanation was ever offered as to why one was found so far away nor what ever became of the other mattress.

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The murder was reported in headlines across the country and Judd came to be referred to in the press as "Tiger Woman" and "The Blonde Butcher".

Eventually, the case itself came to be known in the media as "The Trunk Murders".

Thinking at first the trunks contained contraband such as a dead deer, the baggage agent, Arthur V.

Anderson, wanted the trunks opened and tagged them to be held.

He asked Judd for the key, but she stated she didn't have it with her.

Burton Mc Kinnell, Judd's brother and a junior at the University of Southern California, picked Judd up from the train station unaware of the crime or the bodies.

Flight to Los Angeles Two days after the murders, on Sunday, October 18, Judd boarded the Golden State Limited passenger train from Phoenix's Union Station with the trunks containing the bodies; with her left hand bandaged from a gunshot wound, she traveled overnight to Los Angeles.

Upon arrival at the next morning, the trunks were immediately under suspicion because of the foul odor detected by station personnel as well as fluids escaping from the trunks.

In the next three weeks, hundreds of curiosity seekers toured the three room bungalow.