It has Animal Facts with photos for 39 popular animals. Good, basic elementary level information about the members of the animal kingdom, with basic taxonomy (no big words). In order to study the distribution of different oceanic shark and skate species, they are asking that you report your egg case finds online."Each animal facts article is printer-friendly and covers a range of topics, such as the animal’s physical characteristics, habitat (with a distribution map), diet, breeding patterns, unique traits and behavior, and when applicable, conservation and tips on what you can do to help." The blog is full of animals in the news, discussions, cool links, and animal videos. Animal Planet is a place that's loaded with animal information and games! The first step if you are going to report an egg case is to identify it.Lots of information on the four bears of genus Ursus, and their four relatives who also qualify as bears.

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"If you see a rabbit's nest, let it be; they grow up quick, in a couple of weeks, they'll be gone." See baby rabbits up close. The best cat videos come from the wild "These gorgeous cat videos come from camera traps -- the motion-sensing cameras that researchers are using to monitor endangered and elusive animals." This video from Vox is well narrated. Bird watching: Here is an easy-to-use site that helps you find out what bird you just saw! Zoom Birds Like the rest of Enchanted Learning, this is a fine kid learning site, with a lot of good information about birds.

It spends a lot of time explaining why cat species become endangered. Watching this short will definitely raise students' awareness of shrinking environments, poaching, and extinction. If you find yourself using Enchanted Learning sites a lot, please subscribe. Audubon's legendary art folio from the 19th century!

The Earth truly is an Ark In Space." Amazing and beautiful photography accompanies fact-filled short articles. Baby animals and their moms Bagheera Named after Mowgli's panther friend.

ARKive "Explore 15,000 of the world’s endangered species. One of the oldest endangered species sites, still a very good resource. Jewel Cave is in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota, near Wyoming. Bears Of The World "Bears are one of the most widely distributed terrestrial mammals on earth.

The Fun Stuff section has nice printable: mazes, coloring pages, and word searches. Parents, there's a page for you explaining the activities and safety measures. Their Petsource section has guides to cats, dogs, and other pets, cat and dog breed info, dog horoscopes (Whaaa? The Wild Animals section has an A to Z listing of animals, bird guides, mammal guides, butterfly guides, an endangered species guide, and a lot more! Since the egg cases we find are usually dried out, the first step in identifying one is to soak it in fresh water for a couple of hours.

"Did you know that elephants hold grudges or that cougars can't roar? Animal Facts from Canadian Geographic Everything a kid would need to do a report on any of 56 Canadian animals (& birds & fish)! "Animal Jam is an online playground for kids where they can learn about the natural world while playing with friends." Animals facts, printables, more. The Games sections is stupendous fun for kids of all ages. "Find out more about your favourite animals, where and how they live..." Hundreds of mammals and birds, dozens of amphibians, reptiles, fish, mollusks, crustaceans, insects, other arthropods, echinoderms. (Don’t worry- if the egg case has already hatched, it won’t smell!

Birds in the Classroom from the Fernbank Ornithology Center in Atlanta. See fine art paintings of every bird in North America!

The frame on the left side of the page (pull it down to see it all) has links to pages on bird adaptations, anatomy and physiology, and bird behavior. Some have gone extinct since the 1800s - like the Passenger Pigeon shown below: Some other extinct native birds include the Carolina parakeet (below), the Labrador duck, great auk, Eskimo curlew, and pinnated grouse.

(They also include The Owl Pages in the bibliography!

) A traffic camera in Montreal captured this image.

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