Sometimes players simply have to guess an answer as neither is one they would prefer.

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Some This or That questions provide a challenge for a number of reasons.

Some of the choices provide no easy answer without putting players in a difficult position.

Think before you answer as many questions have a double meaning.

You may find out you are not compatible with your partner or friend.

Encourage players to think for a second before answering.

If you wish, add another level of fun by asking why players answer the way they do – particularly fun with the couple This and That questions!

Of course, we hope to do that in the power of the Spirit, with the anointing touch of God.

But it's a service to God and to the world simultaneously.

)We spend a great deal of time entertaining ourselves.

Vacations, sports, and other leisure activities create perfect This or That choices.

The word , which means somebody who manages a household.