It’s those people that vegan dating sites are here to help.

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Of course, if someone has a plant-based diet or is vegetarian, that can be a more conducive match then say an omnivore.” But is veganism really the basis for a stable, long-lasting relationship?

After all, being a vegan, unfortunately, doesn’t make a person infallible.

The famously social-media-shy singer tweeted her support for Drop4Drop, and let her fans know she'd start tweeting herself if 10,000 people started following Drop4Drop.

Nearly as averse to carbon footprints as they are to conventional song structures, Radiohead are renowned for their environmentalism.

And as Michael Carter, the president of the Passions Network dating empire which runs the Vegan Passions website points out that there is even wide variation in veganism itself.

"There are members who were are vegetarian and who are trying to move to a completely Vegan diet. "As to the question of whether or not one might draw some conclusions about someone simply because they follow a ‘vegan diet’, the answer is definitely yes and no.

“Many vegans consider ‘being vegan’ more than just eating a plant-based diet.

A 'true' vegan has made the lifestyle choice to not use, consume or purchase any animal products, which makes it even more important to date someone with the same values and priorities,” says Jill Crosby Owner and CEO of the Green Singles vegan dating site.

“Being a vegan is more than just a way of eating, non-vegans can find it difficult to understand and oftentimes don’t want to make the compromises and or changes that their vegan partner has already made,” says Corby, who used to be vegan but is no longer.