It is very easy for Pisces men to become emotionally manipulative of women.

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If you are a Leo and you are in a relationship with a Pisces, or you are considering different aspects of Leo and Pisces compatibility, keep the following in mind. Any sign of the horoscope can marry any other signs of the horoscope.

Getting married and staying married and having an emotionally meaningful and fulfilling relationship is not a province of any one sign of the horoscope.

We are talking about friendship, work or general associations, things can pan out. However, if you want to take it to a deeper emotional level or a deeper personal level, things might not have a happy ending.

These two signs tend to have different emotional direction and the opportunities for conflict tend to be more numerous than the opportunities for harmony.

Let us put it this way, why do you think house cats like to eat tuna or fish flavoured treats?

They might get along in terms of predator and prey, but in terms of love partners, there might be some serious issues.

If there is any partner to look at, as to whether this match-up of Leo and Pisces compatibility will work out, it is the Leo woman.

Leo and Pisces relationships, in general, tend to be okay if they are on a friendship level.

The Pisces, being a water sign, can be quite energetic in the physical realm.

The Leo, on the other hand, is pretty obvious, the Leo is very passionate, the Leo is very vigorous, and the Leo is very strong.

Still, the challenges facing the Leo and Pisces match-up, in terms of marriage, can be quite substantial. So, if you put these two together, this can cause serious fights and serious feelings of neglect and can lead to infidelity.