This is the line that remained in production as a regular production item until the foundry closed in 1999.Some "limited production" piece were made in the 1891 line.

dating wagner cast iron skillet-24

The unmistakable mark with GRISWOLD inside a cross and two circles that Griswold used on most of their pieces is their "registered trademark" or TM.

It has often been called a "logo" which is not incorrect.

Despite having sold the business to Anna H., Mary continues to blog about vintage cast iron on her new website. Ever since the 60s and 70s, cast iron has been popular with the outdoor types and hippies, and now it’s gone mainstream.

Because cast iron is so durable, it will last forever. So I like the fact that I’m not buying something that’s going to end up in a landfill,” said Mary T.

Sometimes incorrectly called Smoke Ring, Fire Ring, or another name, none are correct since the heat ring has nothing to do with smoke or fire.

Griswold called what we collectors have named "heat ring" just "rim" or "rimmed bottom" in their early catalogs.

After running this site for several years, many similar questions arise, useful links and general information have been posted on the FORUM.

I thought I'd try to maintain this FAQ page and compile some of these "repetitive", useful and important posts on this page as an archive.

If you believe something else should be listed here, let me know. The heat ring is the small rim around the outside of the bottom of many (usually earlier) skillets and some other pieces.