Personally, I have seen many of my relatives go through an “arranged love marriage”.

You would have noticed that wedding rituals have been evolving with every generation discarding some practices and embracing new traditions.

For example, my grandparents had a 5-day wedding while mine was over in a day.

There is a phenomenal growth of dating apps and dating sites for everyone it seems, young singles, and everyone in between is jumping on board.

The idea of finding your match through dating has caught on in a big way!

There are several reasons why arranged marriages can have a polarizing effect on our society.

One of the torch bearers of this rapidly changing attitude towards arranged marriages.

I had initially named it Love Logik and later changed the name to give it a unique Indian identity.

It will be an understatement to say that India is a unique culture and society.

Irrespective of how you get matched, the extent of freedom you have to say yes or no is bound to increase as rigid attitudes about relationships outside marriage tend to mellow down with every new generation. This is a lesson that’s impacted me personally as well.