I hear this often: curiosity can wait, learning is a priority.

There is no such ambiguity with the term learn drive.

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Each time someone asked me about the perfect modern education system, I would answer: I have no idea. Piotr Wozniak, 2017 The strongest argument against schooling comes from understanding neuroscience.

To me, learning is one of the most fun things in the world. In late August 2016, the heat of the summer was unbearable. It stood in stark contrast with those long faces of kids who knew that in a few days, the they would have to go to school again.

However, the ultimate memory effect is wildly different.

The term curiosity could be used instead of the learn drive.

In addition to inefficient learning, one of the most wasteful violations committed by the system of schooling is the disregard of the natural creativity cycle.

This is the cycle in which knowledge is acquired, built upon creatively, expanded, and optimized in the course of a circadian cycle in waking and in sleep.

Conditions needed to delineate the learn drive: Learn drive is a vital evolutionary adaptation and employs information entropy to make judgements about the environment and internal inputs.

Most of all, learn drive is a highly desirable property of the human brain.

If I kept saying "we need to foster curiosity", nobody would take it seriously!