Showcasing three stellar figures from the 20th Century, Margaret Stones, Rory Mc Ewen, and Margaret Mee, the exhibition then focuses on 150 artworks from around the world, including a special section of Italian artists, done since the year 2000.

in Cartago, Costa Rica presented its first Lankester Award for Orchid Art to Carol Woodin at events celebrating its 40th Anniversary at the University of Costa Rica on November 29, 2013.

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An “overview of the latest and most original work being produced in this genre”, according to the Museo della Grafica.

The Award was given for “extraordinary contributions to the knowledge of the orchid family through botanical art.” Three exceptional orchid scientists also received medals to acknowledge their contributions to the field of orchid science: Robert Dressler, Eric Hagsater, and Carlyle Luer.

Carol was recently awarded the Orchid Digest Medal for “meritorious service to the orchid world.” Carol is the first artist to receive this medal, usually given to scientists or horticulturists. D., Editor Emeritus of Orchid Digest Magazine, Harold remarked that she is able “to combine meticulous realism with artistic nuances of shading and balance that make her paintings truly exceptional.”The California company rockflowerpaper has produced this beautiful rectangular orchid tray from an original painting by Carol Woodin, measuring 20” x 15”.

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