She asked him to have sex with her teenage daughter—but it was a trap, and he went to prison for a year.“That’s pure entrapment,” chides Sweeney.

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Molested by a female babysitter as a child and raised in an abusive home, he lost his wife and baby to a drunk driver as a young man.

“I tried to kill myself for 20 years,” he tearfully admits.

And after serving their time in prison, most exit the criminal justice system only to find themselves struggling in a world that shuns and vilifies them.

Updated numbers actually peg the national count even higher, at over 805,000 registered sex offenders in 2016.

Vital bigger picture conversations about how society receives these rehabilitated sex offenders take place in group therapy sessions led by counselor Don Sweeney, a passionate advocate for the men and women in his charge.

He strongly criticizes the justice system’s tendency to go after an increasing number of young adults on the Internet, like Jamie Turner, a tattooed, comic book-loving 22-year-old with a shock of bright purple hair who was caught answering a Craigslist ad for a person he believed to be a 30-year-old woman.

What Pervert Park illuminates is that no matter the gravity of the individual offense—be it flashing, rape, child rape, or just being dumb enough to get nabbed in a To Catch A Predator-style online sting—the system paints all sex offenders with the same brush, and does little to stem the cycle of sexual abuse that keeps creating generation after generation of victim-abusers.

At Sundance, Pervert Park won the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Impact for calling attention to one of society’s most taboo subjects.

More recently, an ongoing legal dispute between Jeff Shadowens, the landlord who owns Palace Mobile Home Park, and the manager of Florida Justice Transitions has thrown the future of the program into question over ,000 in allegedly unpaid rent on several trailers.“There isn’t anywhere else,” Hutchinson told ABC affiliate WFTS Tampa Bay in April.

“Unless I want to live in the woods somewhere.”“I was the one who brought in the AA, the NA meetings,” ex-manager Jim Broderick complained to the a week later. The program is gone, he [Shadowens] is just a landlord.”“Nothing is going to change,” promised Shadowens amid ongoing lawsuits with Broderick.

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