Markings: Collar: Brown Pet Name: Gizmo Breed: SIAMESE Date lost: 2017-12-25 Area lost: 312 S.Manzanita Ct., Canby, Or ,97013 Intersection lost: S. Owner: Isela Paez, 971-470-7193 Age: 6 months Sex: Neutered Color: tan and dark brown siamese markings Size: tiny Description: He is registered with his chip.The group was "unofficially" started on June 1, 2003.

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Confluence: Willamette Valet LGBT chorus is a non-auditioned, mixed chorus based in Salem and open to any who support its mission of affirming the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight allies.

The 50 member choir comes together from Portland, Corvallis and Salem and rehearses every Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem, 5090 Center Street NE, to pm. First Congregational United Church of Christ holds services each Sunday at 10 AM at 700 Marion Street NE, Salem. The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Willamette Empire is a non-profit organization that does fund raising for various charities.

The United Church of Christ is an open and affirming congregation offering worship and church school. They have ranged from Muscular Dystrophy, Meals on Wheels, Life Line AIDS project, the Audria M. The court this year has chosen three charities, Women's Crisis Center, Mid-Valley Willamette Hospice, and Options Counseling Support Services of Oregon.

Separate months have been set aside through out the year designating which charity is receiving the money such as Partnerships in Community Living, Sweet Spirit MCC Building Fund, and Life Line AIDS project.

Services are am and 11am each Sunday at 3674 12th Street SE, Salem. Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) of Salem meets every third Monday from September through May, pm, at the First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, located at 700 Marion Street NE, in Salem. The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) program, administered by Lutherans Concerned/North America, recognizes Lutheran congregations that welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender believers.

Rainbow Youth of Salem meets every Thursday from 6pm until 8pm at their new shared location with Spirit of Life Church, located at 1380 Hines Street SE (just east of Hines and 13th Streets SE). "We are a congregation of people who wish to worship the Lord and are of the belief that all people are welcome at God's table. Salem Spirit of Life Church has special events during the week. The Triangle Community is open to gay men 21 years or older in the greater Salem-Keizer area.

Damascus Intersection lost: 242 and SE Bohna Park Rd. Markings: Collar: No Pet Name: Oscar Breed: PERSIAN Date lost: 2017-12-18 Area lost: Happy Valley Intersection lost: 117th Sunnyside Owner: jodi smith, 360-701-9230 Age: 2 Sex: Male Color: White Size: small Description: Recently had a lion cut grooming very affectionate may be timid Markings: light orange spots Collar: Pet Name: Henry Breed: BORDER COLLIE/MINI AUST SHEP Date lost: 2017-12-17 Area lost: Tualatin SW Segart St. Markings: Tiny spot of white fur on lower belly Collar: No collar Pet Name: Dana Batchelor Breed: DOMESTIC SH Date lost: 2017-12-14 Area lost: Gladstone, OR - Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Intersection lost: Devonshire Dr Owner: Dana Batchelor, 503-708-6505 Age: 8 Sex: Neutered Color: Orange tabby Size: small Description: 8yo male tabby cat. Pet Name: Tabitha Breed: CAT Date lost: 2017-12-12 Area lost: 81st causey Intersection lost: Causey & 82nd Owner: Tiffany Cummins, 503-709-7329 Age: 3yrs Sex: Spayed Color: Black n white Size: tiny Description: Very friendly probably really scared Markings: White under her chin Collar: No Pet Name: Lilo Breed: BEAGLE Date lost: 2017-12-11 Area lost: 2749 SE Chestnut St Intersection lost: Mckgloughlin and chestnut Owner: Tyler Treat, 916-850-9388 Age: 5 months Sex: Female Color: Tri color Size: medium Description: She has a bright pink cast on her right hind leg. Sex: Male Color: White/Blonde Size: small Description: long silky haired Jack Russell Terrier Markings: Collar: Brown leather w/blue Pet Name: Yuki Breed: MALTESE Date lost: 2017-12-08 Area lost: Caufield/Glen Oak Rd Oregon City Intersection lost: HWY 213/Glen Oak Owner: Jason Hamasu, 541-941-1145 Age: 11 Sex: Neutered Color: White Size: tiny Description: Small long haired maltese dog responds to yuki very friendly Markings: pink nose Collar: Pet Name: Rosie Breed: LABRADOR RETR/GOLDEN RETR Date lost: 2017-12-05 Area lost: Yoder Intersection lost: 211 and Kropf rd Owner: Leonard Sano, 303-562-5369 Age: 7 Sex: Spayed Color: Yellow Size: large Description: Golden lab, may have been struck by car Markings: Collar: None Pet Name: Arrow Breed: SIBERIAN HUSKY Date lost: 2017-12-05 Area lost: Lake Oswego Intersection lost: I-5 Owner: Sophia De Poorter, 503-753-1881 Age: 4 Sex: Female Color: White Size: medium Description: All white Siberian Husky with bright blue eyes very friendly and sweet Markings: She has a pink tongue with black spots on it Collar: Brown Pet Name: chase Breed: BICHON FRISE Date lost: 2017-12-04 Area lost: Oregon city Intersection lost: clackamas river drive Owner: sterling mcintosh, 503-890-4085 Age: 6 Sex: Male Color: white Size: tiny Description: small and white Markings: Collar: Pet Name: Aslan Breed: RHOD RIDGEBACK Date lost: 2017-12-03 Area lost: Clear Lake Area on Highway 26 - Mount Hood Intersection lost: Highway Marker - Milepost 65 Owner: Janus Maybee, 503-704-1100 Age: 1.5 years Sex: Male Color: Dark Wheaten Size: large Description: Anxious, muscular dog, although he may have lost weight from the time in the woods. small white blaze on chest Markings: Dark muzzle, small white blaze on chest Collar: Red Collar Pet Name: Aslan Breed: RHOD RIDGEBACK Date lost: 2017-12-03 Area lost: MT HOOD, milepost 65 Intersection lost: Past Clear Lake enterance Owner: Cindy Schmidt, 541-604-0402 Age: 1 Sex: Male Color: Brown/red Size: giant Description: Lost after accident. Markings: Small bit of white in all feet and white on chest Collar: Red Pet Name: Duke Breed: BLOODHOUND/TREEING CUR Date lost: 2017-12-01 Area lost: Tualatin Intersection lost: Stafford Rd & Borland Rd Owner: Anastasia, 503-740-5461 Age: 10-11 months Sex: Neutered Color: black/white/brown Size: large Description: microchipped/may have chewed off his brownish red nylon collar with owls design on it. Pet Name: O G Breed: SIBERIAN HUSKY Date lost: 2017-11-30 Area lost: Brightwood Intersection lost: Cottonwood & Country Club Owner: Jordan Anderson, 971-645-5048 Age: 1 yr 3 mos Sex: Male Color: red Size: medium Description: Got out without his ID tags, but is microchipped. And Logus street Owner: Emily Turnbow, 503-975-2721 Age: 15 years Sex: Neutered Color: Black with white on paws and face tuxedo Size: small Description: Tuxedo markings black "aging" hair white on paws and face Markings: Very long eye brows and whiskers Collar: Red Pet Name: Montee Breed: DOMESTIC MH Date lost: 2017-11-20 Area lost: Oregon City Intersection lost: Willamette st.

Owner: Desire Jeanfreau, 971-281-4045 Age: 7 years Sex: Neutered Color: Black and brown Size: tiny Description: Shy, but loving. Intersection lost: 65th Ave Owner: Lo, 808-724-2608 Age: 3 month Sex: Male Color: Black & White Size: small Description: Henry was in the back yard and found himself sneaking through the cracks of a wooden fence and escaping onto the main road of SW Sagert St. Although he is terribly cute, he is not the most disciplined dog. Markings: One black ear, one white spotted ear Black circle spot on back Spotted black and pink Belly Collar: Pet Name: Emmitt Breed: AUST CATTLE DOG Date lost: 2017-12-16 Area lost: Beavercreek Intersection lost: Dans Ave & Leland Rd Owner: Theresa, 503-913-1405 Age: 4 years Sex: Male Color: Reddish brown Size: medium Description: Reddish brown, dingo/heeler type dog. if you see him, please call 908-208-6709, email me at [email protected], or find me at the yellow house at 5761 SE Harrison st in Milwaukee, Oregon. Orange coat with blue-green eyes and freckles on his nose. Markings: Collar: None Pet Name: elly may Breed: LHASA APSO Date lost: 2017-12-11 Area lost: canby or by fire department Intersection lost: pine st and 99e Owner: Jo Ann Tschritter, 503-703-9021 Age: 11 may be older Sex: Spayed Color: white with tan spots may be gotng blind Size: small Description: white with brown spot's Markings: none real fluffy tail Collar: white Pet Name: Patrick Breed: LABRADOR RETR Date lost: 2017-12-10 Area lost: Molalla/Ona Wy Intersection lost: 211/Ona Wy Owner: Sheena Kroker, 971-645-5282 Age: 9 months Sex: Male Color: Yellow Size: medium Description: Just got Patrick and hadnt gotton tags for him yet. Markings: Collar: brownish red nylon collar with owls Pet Name: Bear Breed: TERRIER MIX/HOUND MIX Date lost: 2017-11-30 Area lost: Lake Oswego Intersection lost: 3rd and A street toward Safeway Owner: Nicole, 503-702-6944 Age: 1 year Sex: Neutered Color: black/tan/white/merle Size: medium Description: Bear is a small to medium dog, dark black fur and brown fur on his face and chest. Markings: Collar: red martingale collar, microchipped Pet Name: Tootles Breed: POODLE MIN Date lost: 2017-11-30 Area lost: Tracy Rd. Owner: Carmela Nielsen, 503-754-4015 Age: 5 Sex: Neutered Color: White with black Size: small Description: Large cat.

When you recover your lost pet, or a found dog is reunited with its owner, please notify us at Dog [email protected] 503-655-8628. Collar: None Pet Name: Hazel Herron Breed: FRENCH BULLDOG Date lost: 2018-01-08 Area lost: mollala river state park Intersection lost: Owner: Lynn HERRON, 503-899-7842 Age: 8 months Sex: Spayed Color: brown Size: small Description: Beautiful brown french bulldog 8 months Markings: Collar: no collar Pet Name: Corbin Breed: CAT Date lost: 2018-01-07 Area lost: Sandy, OR Intersection lost: Sandy Airport on Oral Hull Rd Owner: Martha Reel, 503-737-9914 Age: 8 Sex: Spayed Color: Grey Size: small Description: Grey tabby with green eyes Markings: Low-hanging, large belly, lots of loose skin Collar: Pet Name: Chiquita Breed: CHIHUAHUA SH/UNSPECIFIED Date lost: 2018-01-06 Area lost: Linwood Intersection lost: Owner: Rikki, 440-547-6657 Age: Old Sex: Female Color: White Size: tiny Description: Very sweet, has black faded eithin her tan fur. Scott Intersection lost: Idleman Rd./Dorset Lane Owner: Dale Crommie, 503-771-4393 Age: 4 years Sex: Spayed Color: Yellow Size: large Description: Yellow Labrador Markings: Collar: None Pet Name: Billie Jean Breed: QUEENSLAND HEEL Date lost: 2018-01-01 Area lost: holly view terrace and hgwy 212 Intersection lost: Owner: robyn robinson, 503-381-3742 Age: 1 Sex: Female Color: Red with darker red patches Size: small Description: Female red heeler, specked red black spots, darker red patches.