Students in this course are provided with an advanced overview of human development through the lifespan, including prenatal, childhood, adolescent, adult, and late-adult phases.Students examine and apply basic processes and theories to developmental milestones that occur within these phases of development.Evaluate psychological approaches and their effectiveness in dealing with offenders.

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This sequence represents the minimum credits to complete the program.

The number of credits and the time to completion for the program may vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable.

By earning your online master’s in forensic psychology at Walden, you can develop a stronger understanding of specific criminal behavior—and develop the expertise needed to make a difference within the criminal justice system.

You can also make a positive impact on communities as well as the first responders and professionals who serve those communities.

Students work toward building a foundation for academic and professional success as scholar-practitioners and social change agents.

They assess the relationship of mission and vision to professional goals, and they develop a program of study, a professional development plan, and strategies for online success.Students will critically examine the strengths and limitations of each theory and the research that contributed to each theory.Contemporary applications of developmental theories will be explored, with an emphasis on applications designed to effect positive social change.Students will also learn about stereotypes, socialization and culture-appropriate social roles, and influence of socialization agents, such as family, schools, peers, and media on gender role development.Important developmental issues will be addressed as they relate to gender, such as body image, sexuality, emotion, communication, and cognition.In this course, students examine biopsychosocial theories of sex differences and conceptions of gender.